DreamLife Services

Outpatient & Intensive Outpatient Treatment

We’re here to help clients visualize and work towards individual realistic real-world goals by providing the environment, tools and structure to build a strong foundation for recovery.

Fun, Sober Experiences

DreamLife believes that recovery is meant to be fun and the vision for a new life with new experiences.

Residential Housing

DreamLife offers sober housing for all eligible clients.

Alternative & Holistic Treatments

The DreamLife program helps clients achieve true peace, serenity, and a connection to a higher power.

Medication Management

DreamLife doctors will prescribe appropriate medication and a customized treatment plan for individual needs and illness levels.​

Life Skills

Life skills treatment attends to the whole person; not just his addiction or mental illness. This includes social, vocational, educational, physical, spiritual and mental health. Our life skills support health, home, purpose, and community.​

Who We Are

DreamLife will go to any lengths to help someone who wants help with their addiction, mental health issues and in beginning a dream life.

We’re here to help you develop new, healthy thoughts and behaviors that will allow you to succeed. Our program provides you with the tools needed to create your own, personal dream life.

Our Mission

The DreamLife mission is to provide the environment, tools, and structure to build a strong foundation of recovery. Our goal is to not only help clients stay sober but to change the core issues that have manifested the addiction. DreamLife wants to help our clients visualize and work towards individual, realistic goals.

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