Opioid and Mental Health Medication Management

Customized medication plan for opioid dependence and dual diagnosis. Treatment includes Methadone treatment assistance, Suboxone, (MAT) and other cutting edge and herbal supplement options.

DreamLife doctors will prescribe medication and customized treatment plans for individual needs and illness levels. In addition to Suboxone and Methadone, DreamLife will offer recommendations to healthy supplements to support recovery. DreamLife will work to stay current with new treatment methods and alternatives to help accomplish long term sobriety.

We understand that medication may be necessary for some clients to clear their heads to focus on the program. Additionally, the right medication can assist with changing one’s thoughts and actions moving towards inner peace and happiness. DreamLife will make sure each client is on the best dosage and medication plan possible. This is accomplished by individualizing each treatment plan and golds. We will tweak plans as necessary to find the unique program needed to keep each client on track, safe, and set them up for success as they build a foundation for a Dream Life.

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