What Benefits Come from Counseling?

If you got sober by going to a rehab facility or some similar situation, you likely received support for physically detoxing from the drugs. Not only that, you probably received some type of counseling services. You might think those services were designed only to get you through rehab or meet court requirements, but there is actually an important purpose to addiction counseling.

You see, counseling isn’t just about kicking addition. It’s about understanding why the addiction exists in the first place. It is understanding and coping with triggers so that you don’t slip and end up back in rehab in another year or less. Counseling is about dealing with your past and learning how to move forward as a sober member of society.

So what benefits come from counseling besides learning not to use? Here are a few.

Finding motivation

There are a lot of reasons going through your mind every day to go back to using. Doesn’t it make sense to counteract those thoughts with motivational thoughts to stay sober? A counselor can help you find motivation in your own life to stay sober for good.

Finding other ways to “be in control”

Sometimes people use drugs or alcohol because they feel like that part of their life is the only thing they can control. If this describes you, counseling can help you find other more positive ways to take control of your life. 

Managing mental illness and anxiety

Most addicts have some type of mental health diagnosis. If not, they likely have at least situational anxiety related to fighting the urge to use. Counseling gives you a safe place to address those concerns while getting coping skills to make life easier as you work through treatment for those problems. 

Are you having trouble staying sober? Our sober living facilities offer counseling and other services to make staying sober in the real world easier.