Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Treatment

Program Philosophy: Dream Life LLC promotes an improved quality of life for persons seeking services. Our counseling services are client-centered where individuals have the opportunity to take an active role in creating and completing a service and recovery plan that is personally meaningful and customized to meet their specific needs. Counseling services are provided by licensed and experienced clinicians who are dedicated to understanding the needs and concerns of their clients and treating them with dignity and respect.

Program Goals: The goal of Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program Treatment is for clients to return to a level of healthy functioning at home and work by gaining the skills to cope with their addiction or mental illness effectively.

Dream Life’s treatment modalities include a combination of the following:

  1. Self-Management of mental and physical health conditions through substance abuse education and support, psycho-education, and therapeutic activities.
  2. Independent living skills through money management, vocational services, and assisting in socialization and peer interactions
  3. Medication Management

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