Methadone Clinic

At our methadone clinic, we offer safe, effective methadone replacement therapy. As a proven technique in opioid drug recovery, methadone treatment can help start your rehabilitation journey.

What Is Methadone?

Methadone is a prescription drug that’s classified as an opioid. It’s often prescribed to treat pain, but it may also be used for drug recovery. Methadone is often a helpful tool in opioid addiction rehabilitation because it can reduce serious withdrawal symptoms. 

Medication-based addiction therapy using methadone may also be called replacement therapy. In addition to fending off withdrawal symptoms, it works by cultivating cross-tolerance. This means that methadone treatment may stop other opioids from having an effect on the patient, which helps to treat the addiction.  

Methadone is available in multiple forms, including a liquid, pill, or wafer. Advanced formulations of methadone allow for a single, daily dose for addiction patients. 

Candidates for Methadone Treatment

Methadone treatment is a good option for some patients in the early stages of opioid drug recovery. Controlled methadone use can help patients suffering from addiction to opioids, namely prescription painkillers or heroin, transition into the later stages of addiction rehabilitation. We offer services to people aged 18 to 75 with a diagnosis of chemical dependence. 

Consult your doctor to learn if methadone treatment could help you recover from an opioid addiction. 

Benefits of Drug Recovery at Our Methadone Clinic

Greater Retention in Drug Recovery

Methadone maintenance treatment has been proven as a successful opioid addiction treatment. Specifically, methadone treatment can do the following:

  • Help patients reach long-term recovery
  • Prevent overdose and suicide among opioid addiction patients
  • Prevent opioid addiction relapse

Safe, Doctor-Supervised Treatment

Doctor supervision is essential for drug recovery with methadone, given that it’s a controlled substance. Rest assured that at our methadone clinic, all patients are given the chance to reach a full recovery in a controlled, doctor-supervised environment. Our licensed clinicians provide close monitoring and 24/7 support to ensure patient safety. 

Seamless Transitions into Later Recovery

Methadone is a proven treatment method for the early stages in opioid drug recovery. When patients are ready to transition into the next phase of recovery, we offer the resources and support that they need to do so smoothly. With counseling services, relapse prevention techniques, and social support available, we make sure that our patients have the tools to succeed. 

Methadone can help opioid addiction patients reach a full recovery and build new, healthy lives. If you or a loved one may be a good candidate for methadone treatment, contact us today. 

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