Why A Butterfly?

A butterfly begins its life as a caterpillar on a leaf. Compared to humans, this leaf is the neighborhood and family we are born into. As a caterpillar, we stay on that same leaf most of our adolescents as we grow and envision what we want our lives to be.

However, some never make it off that leaf due to getting caught up in distractions that hold them back. Some may even die on that same leaf.

Ideally, healthy caterpillars will next go into a stage called metamorphosis. This is where they spend some time changing and developing new strengths to be able to go out into the world, spread their wings, and become the butterfly they are meant to be.

We all have to go through our own personal Metamorphosis stage where we prepare to transform mentally, physically and spiritually. This is where we become the best version of ourselves. In essence, becoming a beautiful butterfly. What kind of butterfly do you want to be?

DreamLife will not only help treat your addiction, but will help transform you by assisting you into your own metamorphosis.

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